Thursday, April 3, 2014

Class Action Vol II: Evidence

This is one mighty collaborative effort, the combined forces of Retro Promenade and Weekend Warrior have collided and resulted in this awesome release.

First off we have an incredible compilation including an all-star line up of current synthwave producers, some of them even making their release debut. It's a nice amusement park style arcade, with rollercoasters and other attactions, showcasing a pool of great talent in the scene.

Second; included with the release is a magazine with a panel discussion including Playmaker, Synthetix, Protector101, Silent Gloves, Telefuture, going back and forth about the origin and current state of affairs in the new retro scene. Further more there's awesome movie reviews by Corey Benedict as well as Paul Daly shining a light on new producers with 100 or less followers.

Third; and ofcourse, to keep the physical side of things hot as fuck; there's an awesome C60 cassette of the compilation, neatly handled by Weekend Warrior.