Wednesday, February 2, 2011

Mitch Murder Dem

Who's killing it right now? Well, many ofcourse... But Stockholm based Mitch Murder is rolling aces high and we'll show a few reasons why.

There are 3 projects in the limbo, some of what you may be aware, and some new stuff yet to be discovered!

It seems like releasing his debut album 'Burning Chrome' on Rosso Corsa has got a positive avalanche effect for Mr.Murder, already creaming 2 new releases + teasers a volonté. Great. Let take a closer look:

Here is the collaboration he is doing with Felix Snow on vocals. Some of his more smother, if not, smoothest work thusfar. Really like the romantic, airy-feel to these tunes and we are happy to share them with you for free!

murder & snow - downtown by mitch murder

murder & snow - fashion girls by mitch murder

Then there is already the new and wonderful "This Is Now" EP. We are happy to share the bandcamp links as a preview. Check it out and please buy it when it comes out!

So it seems like he's been working with some vocalists on his tracks and it works out really well. So here is the wonderful new song 'Alright' featuring the mysterious Kristine. Check out the awesome video edit for that... You know, everything is gonna be alright!