Tuesday, June 16, 2009

Power Glove

Forget the Wii controller, how about the ever so awesome Power Glove made by Nintendo, taking the joy of playing video games to a whole new level! That thing fucking ruled, althou it might have been a bit hard to handle and never made it's popular break through, it still was an awesome gadget, to say the least.

Melbourne producers duo Power Glove are some of the finest retro sounding bands out there. Acting as being 2 lawyers from the future they've developed an amazing cool sound of dazzling 8-bit chiptuning enforcement. As being one of the first in laying the foundation for the 80s retro electro scene, we are ultra thrilled they have send us a tune for all ya'll Playmakers to enjoy.

Total classic Playmaker tune, get ready to get slam-dunk the Nightforce!

Download mp3: Power Glove - Nightforce